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Are you Brave Enough to Dream?

Good Morning, sweet lady! How are you today?:) Praying for you this morning, that your heart be filled with all the joy, peace, grace & love you need, to face whatever may be in front of you today!

There is a lot of dreaming going on in my home! That tends to happen when life gets tiring and messy around here, lol. What can I say… we are stubborn dreamers! πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ˜‚πŸ’• When things get dark… light more candles;)

My husband and I have pushed through our tiredness this week to embrace a few extra late nights, take-out dinners, laughter and brainstorming sessions, to be more intentional with our days ahead, and make the best use of the moments we’ve got to work with. And we are SO excited to share with you as visions grow clearer, and plans get closer! For this year, I’ll be blogging and podcasting when I can, and posting encouraging tidbits on Instagram like I do…

But behind the scenes…

I can’t give away everything, but just know there is a lot of prayer and work going on, for YOU, friends:) Books are being written, gradually but ever-so-surely… music is being written and produced… projects are being put together… all with YOU lovely folks in mind. πŸ’•

Our goal as a team (my husband Chris and I), and as a family, is to get debt free, establish a sustainable homestead with our kids, and live a life of ministry and encouragement for others (he as a pastor and musician, I as a writer), but it’s not just a fairytale fantasy – it has already involved a LOT of tiring work, a lot of persistent brave dreaming despite the odds (hello debt, cancer, pandemic, and hungry family of six)!

But we press on!:) We keep writing, and creating, and praying, and laying down foundations. In the midst of crumbs and tears and tiredness and all the daily stuff.

I share this because I am excited, but also to cheer YOU on, dear heart! What are YOUR dreams? We all have them… God plants the seeds of such daring, beautiful fairytale dreams, deep inside us all! We live in a culture and an era that feeds us all the subtle discouragement that dreams are childish, irresponsible, unattainable things… and my dear, dear friend, that is a lie.

Don’t stop dreaming. And if you did, start again.

Dreams take a LOT of faith. A lot of time. But they are so worth the building:) So tell me… what do you dream of? I will pray for you! πŸ’•πŸƒπŸ˜Š

** For more hope and encouragement, hop on over to The Slow Scenes of Home podcast or Instagram. See you there! πŸ™‚

Mom Heart

Do You Feel… Free?

Hello, tired lady:) I have a question for you.

You work hard, I know. And hard work is such a good thing. But my question: In the midst of all your work, do you feel… free? Or does guilt and heavy obligation follow you like a dark cloud?

I’m going to share with you a little morning scene.

I was already writing about freedom for you last year, when my own husband stopped me in my tracks over breakfast dishes. I was admitting to him, “I have WAY too much to do today, and I know I’m going to get overwhelmed and frustrated at some point, because it’s just not all going to get done.” He put an arm around me and smiled. “See, right there, you’re off. What do you think is wrong about what you just said?”

I chuckled. “Um… speak life? I can do all things through Christ?”

He sat down at the kitchen table to lace up his combat boots, and laughed. “Well… yes! Absolutely! But also… you are your own boss. Those are YOUR expectations. If you have ‘way too much to do today’…. you’re the boss! Don’t make your own expectations so impossible. That’s just mean.”

I stood there with my mouth hanging open. Then I laughed. And I realized something.

Stay-at-home / work-at-home moms. We are our own bosses. (More or less… I do answer to my husband and to God, but you get the point). But you know what we do, soooo often? Give that authority away.

Instead of owning it, and owning our choices, we shackle ourselves to a plethora of other voices who are only too happy to boss us around… then we blame them for our stress.

We try to meet the expectations of our kids… our neighbors… our relatives… our culture… our friends… our own deep insecurities and doubts and fears… our pride. We actually act like we have a hundred bosses. No wonder we’re usually overwhelmed and stressed!!

I had to laugh at my husband. But my goodness, he had a point! How often had I been “mean” to myself, piling on ridiculous expectations that I’ve gathered from a dozen different sources… knowing full well, that I’d never be able to get all that done? I had to be honest – all the time. 😫 I was a terrible boss.

Thankfully, I have since learned to be much kinder to myself. But I still need the reminder now and then, so I keep this little morning dialog to help me remember to take my authority seriously, prayerfully… and to prioritize those things HE said are most important. Ironically, my housekeeping also drastically improved right under my nose during that time… I barely noticed though, because I had made my expectations gentler and was focused on loving others well.

I hope this is a helpful reminder for you too, dear mama… He has given you dominion, and you are your own boss. πŸ’• If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Maybe it’s time to reevaluate where all those expectations are coming from… and to remember that YOU are the one who decides whether they stay or go. πŸ˜‰

Managing a home… even in the crazy and chaos of regular life, the stretching of trials, all the sacrifice that comes with bearing children, and even in submission to your husband and to God? Should be a beautiful, satisfying, freeing sort of life. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” If you feel trapped, something is not quite right… and it’s time to find out what that is. πŸ’•

Live freely, my dear friends!! May your day be full of grace, blessings, and peace in Him. πŸ’•πŸƒπŸ˜Š